Award for Innovations in Technology-enhanced Teaching

Nursing, Health Sciences
Barbara Sinclair

Barbara Sinclair’s patient ‘Nancy’ is resting on a bed. Her hair is disheveled, she is ailing and her family is in the room anxiously awaiting a diagnosis. Some nursing students enter the room and the class begins.

Nancy is a life-size simulator that can be programmed to breathe, talk, respond to treatment and even die. Simulators do not come equipped with wigs, families, personalities or bodily waste, Sinclair has added these features to “create a learning environment that is uncannily close to reality as possible.” But the patient is not the only technological part of the students’ training.

Sinclair designed and developed the Simulated Medication Administration Record Technology (SMART) system and an Electronic Health Record simulation, with the assistance of fellow faculty members Michele Hancock, Jessica Timbrell and Holly Relouw. Together, the software systems, the life-like patient and Sinclair’s creative Simulation Education Suites transform a simple role-playing exercise into an experience that “feels like a shift in a hospital”.

She has also been a pioneer in developing authentic mental health simulations (20 to date) for standardized patients (living role-players). She has been on the University Students’ Council honour roll four times and has earned 10 Faculty of Health Sciences’ Recognition of Excellence Awards.

Picture and article courtesy of Western News