Keyboard aand mouse

Have you heard? Western now has a free campus-wide, web-based audience response system available to the entire academic community, including faculty, staff, and students. With support from Turning Technologies Canada, PressWestern will enable highly-participatory learning environments by allowing participants to use any web-enabled device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to respond to questions posed by presenters. The presentation software compiles and then displays the distribution of answers.

PressWestern boasts several advantages over other web-based audience response systems, including:

  • Free of charge (with the exception of presenters using RF “clickers” which will require the purchase of a receiver)
  • Local training through
  • Ongoing support from ITS
  • Ability to integrate with PowerPoint
  • Software already installed in all general-use classrooms on campus
  • Consistency across classes for students

For more information on services and training, check out or email